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    Cannot place or copy from Ill CS6 to ID6

    Garrett Connelly Level 1



      I have a file an illustrator 6 three hundred dpi which cannot reproduce in ID 6 yet makes good pdf files in Acrobat pro. I attempted to work around ID6 and put the pdf in my book after the book is a pdf but Acrobat pro will only let me insert a new page at one place, page 17.


      I attempted to send the illustrator and pdf files to this website but both image types are said to be forbidden. The 1.2 mb file can be viewed on line here http://www.ferrocement.com/rebel%20island%20half-cover_4-29-15.pdf


      The illustrator file that will not go to ID6 prints fine and can be opened and saved by Acrobat and put on line, In Design is objecting but won't tell me why.


      Thank you,