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    How to get LR to recognize my lens


      My lens, a Pentax 55-300mm is listed on the pull-down menu, but I have to manually select it. Isn't LR supposed to recognize it automatically?

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          robgendreau Level 3

          I posted elsewhere about this, although it was with the Pentax 18-55 and 50-200.


          What is the exact name of your lens? Apparently even a single character fouls it up, like the L in DA-L. I'm gonna guess yours is maybe a variant the DA 55-300mm WR? Adobe only has profiles for DA-L, DA non-WR versions. So for now, pick the DA version from the list; it should be the same. Use the Save as Defaults feature in the Lens Correction menu or whatever it's called. Then you should be OK, sort of. You'll notice that you can't filter by lens, however, so it doesn't completely solve the problem. I'm trying to get Adobe to fix this (it's a problem on the DA-Ls I mentioned as well). Stay tuned.


          Meanwhile, you can try the LensTagger plugin. You can assign the name of your lens to be the DA 55-300mm without the WR (make sure to use exactly the same words as the existing profile) and then have LensTagger write it to the photos.


          LensTagger Lightroom plugin


          Here's where I posted about the same problem: Problems with Pentax lens info in exif and Adobe lens profiles