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      Hi all, just been watching the MacWorld keynote, wasn’t the iPhone cool? But so last century ;-)
      My Sony Ericsson P800/910, designed in 1999, does much of what the iPhone does, but it was wisely ignored by Jobs in his presentation.
      No matter, Steve says the iPhone runs full OSX and Safari, so it will run Director Shockwave and movies?
      If it will, great!! and …
      will Director be able to make use of the dual touch the iPhone affords?
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          Since they haven't released it yet, there is not way that anyone can
          tell you if Director will be able to make workable programs for it, but
          I think you are mistaken when you say that the iPhone runs full OSX and
          Safari. I don't think that it does. The phone uses a ARM processor
          (not PPC or Intel), so unless Apple has ported their entire codebase to
          a new architecture, it is not running full OSX. So far, there has not
          been a single instance where the iPhone has been shown to run any 3rd
          party software (and I seem to remember having read somewhere that one of
          the high mucky-mucks at Apple explicitly stated that it will not be open
          to 3rd party development). While it is certainly possible that things
          will change by the time it is released, I would not count on it.
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            Just to play devils-advocate to myself, I just came across thgis article
            that alludes to iPhone's version of Safari coming with the ability to
            run Java and Flash plugins. Thus, the possibility that it can run
            Shockwave is looking a little more likely. It is still doubtful that
            you will be able to write projectors that will work, but maybe shockwave...
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              i have read (cant find the link) that it will not be possible to install any third party software on the iPhone. But flash and java might be installed by default and if i know Adobe and Macromedia they havent pitched hard to add shockwave... those bastards.
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                the real POTMO wrote:

                > ... and if i know Adobe and Macromedia they havent pitched hard to add
                > shockwave... those bastards.

                I'd say that would be true for Macromedia. but let's hope that Adobe is


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