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    InDesign – EPUB file size, fonts and contents links

    tobya18487493 Level 1

      Hi, I have built a 300 page A4 English textbook in InDesign (CC). Client has asked for EPUB format (having already completed print and PDF versions). When I export to ePUB the file is over 200mb - how can I get this lower? I've read online that 2mb is a large eBook...
      It's mainly text with only a few images scattered through. I used an InCopy workflow for the first time, though I have deleted the linked assignments now


      Also it has issues with some fonts ('cannot embed' or 'unavailable') but not others. Do I have to use certain fonts or somehow enable the ones I've got?


      Lastly, it has issues with the contents page links which are no longer linked. Is this because I've edited the contents page after it's automatic creation? PDF doesn't seem to mind if I do this.


      Thanking you in advance!