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    installing FP upgrades wipes out Firefox browser history (among other things)



      Well the first thing I have to say, is that Adobe makes it nearly impossible to get help.  Believe me, it's a LONG story.  But I'm finally here, and hopefully about to post a message, so I won't go into the details.


      Now that I'm finally here, I'd like to air all my issues with getting Flash Player updates/upgrades.


      1 - Whenever I install an update/upgrade for Flash Player, I choose to be notified of new updates, rather than getting them automatically.  I never really get any notification though.  What I do get is an alert from WinPatrol, that there's a new FP update that wants to be installed.  I don't really know what kind of alert I would get, if I didn't have WinPatrol installed.  Anyway, it really can come at any time.  If I'm ready to install the FP update/ugrade, I allow it to go through.  But nothing else ever happens, after I OK the WinPatrol alert -- at all.......until I log off of my computer, and log back on (usually, that's the next day)!


      So the first improvement I'd like to see, is the installation window coming up immediately after I click WinPatrol to allow it.


      2 - So when I first log on to my computer, the next day, the installation window pops up, before I even log on to the internet!  The first couple of times it happened, I clicked it immediately, only to get an error message about not having access to the internet.  The problem is that the installation window it on top of everything, and it cannot be minimized.


      The 2nd improvement, if you can't make the update happen when it first comes through (the day before), then either a) make it wait unti I've logged on to the internet, to pop up, or b) allow it to be minimizable.


      3 - Once I'm logged on to the internet, I allow it to be installed.  But every single time after the FP update is installed, I find that my Firefox browser history has been completely wiped out!  This is really what I consider to be a serious problem, and I hope it can be fixed!.


      So in case it's not clear, #3 (which is really #1 in importance) is not to have my browser history wiped out when install the FP updates.


      With the help of the Firefox support forum, where I went for help in the beginning (because I couldn't figure out how to register here) (and not because I don't know how, but because this website makes it next to impossible) I found a way to avoid this problem.  Usually I keep 2 browser windows open, each with about 10 tabs open.  When I log on to the internet, each day, I go to the History menu and open the same windows from yesterday.  That's why the wiping out of the browser history is such a problem for me. 


      So someone at the Ff forum suggested opening my 2 windows from History before allowing the update to go through.  Not only does that allow me to have the 2 windows entered fresh into the History, for some incomprehensible reason, it prevents the history from being wiped out at all!  The problem with this routine is that all the while, the FP installation window is on top of my screen, and I have to keep moving it around, to do all those things, before I finally can start the installation.


      And then, after the update is downloaded, I have to close the 2 browser windows, to allow the installation to finish.  And of course, open again afterwards.  If the installation would start "yesterday" when it first came through, ALL this could be avoided.  Just as a summary, to emphasize how difficult it is to get the FP updates, here's step by step what I have to do:


      1 - WinPatrol alert that there's a new FP update

      2 - close out everything and log off of computer

      3 - log back on to computer

      4 - log onto internet

      5 - open 2 browser windows

      6 - start the installation process (download)

      7 - continue installation (double-click on downloaded file)

      8 - close the 2 browser windows

      9 - finish installation (click to be alerted to the next FP update)

      10 - open 2 browser windows once again


      (Actually that reminds me of a 4th issue that I'd like to see fixed.  Once I choose to be alerted to new updates, I don't want to have to choose it every single time.  Make it so there's 1 choice, and it doesn't change until the user decides to change it again.)


      Note that this whole experience is with current and up to date versions of Window 7, 64-bit, sp1, as well as Firefox (atm is 37.0.2).


      I'm actually not sure if this message will be seen by the developers or maintainers of Flash Player.  Probably this forum is more for support.  But I don't know of any other way to get a message through.  And given my experience getting logged on here at all, I'm not sure if I'll ever have another chance to share my experience.  So if some kind person would see that this message gets to the people who can help, I would truly appreciate it!


      However, if there IS any way to avoid these issues, I would be very happy to know about it.


      Thank you very much!