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    Detect Directxversion  installed

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      I have bought Mediaplayer Expanded Xtra and It needs to run DirectX 9 or
      I have to make 2 thousand copies of a CD-ROM.
      Do you know how to detect what version of DirectX is installed and if is an
      older version then proceed with installation.
      How canI do that, please?
      or other solution for that
      Thank you very much

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          put the environment.directXVersion
          -- ""

          Notice that it returns a STRING and it has 3 decimal points. In order
          to do any sort of mathematical comparison, you need to convert it to a
          standard number. If all you care about is the 1st number (the 9 in this
          case), then this handler will find out what it is (put it in a MOVIE

          on DirectXVersion
          oldDelim=the itemDelimiter
          the itemDelimiter="."

          dxVersion=integer(the environment.directXVersion.item[1])

          the itemDelimiter=oldDelim

          return dxVersion

          Now somewhere in your script, you can do something like this:

          if directXVersion()>=9 then
          --do something if it is 9 or better
          --do something if it needs to be installed
          end if