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    3D models for Cineware 4D

    Bobs your uncle Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Please forgive me for asking. As I am not the nubie to AE any longer however still asking for your guidance please.


      As I just realized that Cineware 4D has been integrated into After Effects. Sorry never knew! Too busy working and learning AE.


      Could someone please explain where to buy 3D Models to use in Cineware 4D. I have been reading as much as possible on Cineware 4D and as there is quite a bit on importing your 3D models. Where are you to find 3D models?


      I understand importing your 3D text, 3D shape layers but as an example I have a client that would like 3D Red Apples in the Composition. I have looked everywhere. No luck.


      If anyone could brief me I would be really grateful.


      Regards and many thanks!





      Systems: Dell Precision M6800 X 2

      Windows 7 64 bit

      OS = SSD

      Graphics cards= Nvidia Quadro K4100M's

      32 Ram