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    issues with importing Aperture Library into Photoshop Lightroom


      I am trying to import my Aperture Library into Photoshop Lightroom. I'm using a referenced library with Aperture and want to maintain the same directory structure in Lightroom. I have over 1TB of pictures so I just want to leave the images in place. I've selected the Leave reference images in their current location and started the import process using Import Plug-in in Lightroom 6. It creates the correct directory structure in the new catalog but only imports a few of the images and ends with "bad argument #1 to '?' (string expected, not nil)". Suggestions?


      Running iMac with OSX v10.10.3. with Lightroom 6.0 and Aperture v3.6

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          Referenced images are best, as it sounds like you are setup to do.  Suggest you run a permissions repair and library repair to correct issues.  Some folks have had to split up their library into chunks to see what fails.  You might try that as a test first.  Export a subsection of your library and see if you can get the plug-in to work.  If you do, then it is likely a permissions or library corruption issue.


          Not to say there may not be other issues, but that seems to be the most common problem.