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    What a mess.  Multiple lrcats and which is the one I want to merge the others with?


      In upgrading my standalone version of LR from version 5 to version 6 just two days ago, there was a problem and LR wouldn't open.  It would, however, create catalogs.  I currently have 9.  (At least, see below.)  Adobe support fixed the problem I was having....apparently I need to update my Radeon video driver more often.  So everything works as it should.  Yesterday I imported a few photos and backed up the catalog.  It appears to want to use lrcat 9 to complete it's backups.  Here's a screenshot of my LR folder, which is located in My Photos.  YES, I BACK THIS UP .  To two separate locations, one a portable drive I take with me and one a desktop hard drive.  Just wanted you to know since whenever I mention my initial LR backup is to my computer hard drive I have techs fainting on me.  I'm being facetious, and thanks for your concern .  Here's the image:


      I have deleted LR 5 program but not any of the catalogs from LR 5.  I've backed up LR 6 catalog twice since it started working.  If you wish I can put this into Photoshop and add the dates each folder was modified.  Some are very recent, some are quite old.


      I've looked at some other threads here that list the steps in merging lrcat folders.  But which of the latest do I use as the main folder, to which I would merge the others?  And what about all those subsidiary files outside the folders?


      Thanks in advance for your time,