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    Why is my Preview file bigger than my Smart Preview file?

    jdecker1978 Level 1

      Hi folks. So I keep my Lightroom catalog and previews in Dropbox, so I can access between my iMac and my Macbook. I have Smart Previews for all photos. I was just looking at my Dropbox folder, and noticed that not only is my Preview file larger than my Smart Preview file, but my Smart Preview file says it has not been modified since January. I have thousands of photos that were shot since January, with working Smart Previews. To make matters weirder, I recall when Lightroom CC came out I had to basically create a new catalog (which is the same as old but has a -2 at the end) for the new version. The Smart Preview file that has not been modified since January has the -2. Obviously CC came out since then. Does this sound like a glitch? Does CC keep the Smart Previews in the same file as regular Previews?