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    LR 6 Using Auto-Import

    mpal614000 Level 1

      I have been using LR to Auto Import the Watched folder while I'm tethered and never had any problems at all.  However today was the first time I did this while using LR 6 and it "unexpectedly quit" more times than I could count.  Almost after every new import I would have to restart LR.  This was on a four year old MacBook Pro that did just fine with ver. 5 so I'm wondering if this may be a known problem with ver 6.  I tried to find where I can report this to Adobe, but I could not find anything.  If anyone knows anything about this or where I can report it I would appreciate any info.  Thanks

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Michael,

          I've used Auto Import more than a few times successfully on a 2008 Mac Pro.  Nothing's changed under the hood for it, so it should be identical. Can you give more detail on how you're getting the files into the watch folder?


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            mpal614000 Level 1

            Thanks for responding Sean.  I'm using Nikon Camera Control 2 to put D810 files into the watched folder on an external drive.  It auto imports into LR6 and it will crash at some time after the import, but never at any predictable point or moment. Occasionally it would go for three or four shots without a problem than start crashing again with just about every import it seemed.  I just now played around with LR 6 on my MacBook Pro just to see if it might be giving problems in general, but it seems to be fine.  I may have some time later this week to set it up again to reproduce the problem and to see if I can come to any conclusions. The same setup worked perfectly until I updated last week. 

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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              Check permissions on the drive and see if it isn't something funny there. Run Disk Utility to give the drive a once over. I don't believe there are any bugs out on Auto Import (or at least that are different than before!), so it could be drive related.

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                mpal614000 Level 1

                Okay, I will try to do some troubleshooting this Thursday unless something comes up.  I will keep you posted.  Thanks.

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                  mpal614000 Level 1

                  I was able to set up the same configuration today and I think I have found the problem and the solution.  First, I repaired permissions and the problem persisted.  I then disabled the graphics processor as suggested by ssprengel and everything worked perfectly.  His suggestion does not appear in the thread so it may have been sent by private mail...?  


                  Thanks for all the suggestions.  I don't like that it cannot handle the performance boost, but at least I can work without the annoying crashes.