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      • 1. Re: Issue with selection box not updating, then leads to crash and non sense screen - mac osx yos.
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        found workaround...


        ALL - I have figured out how to fix this issue.  The problem was related to the Adobe helper crashing on OSX 10.10.3.  To fix the problem open up Adobe Edge Animate and one of your files - and goto WINDOW > LESSONS (make sure it is CHECKED).  The problem is still going to be present.  EXIT adobe edge animate, restart your machine.  Then go into Adobe Edge animate and create a new document, you will notice now that the problem does not exist. 


        I believe the problem was related to the "lessons" window not being present, which was causing a dumping over and over (as per the activity log on Mac).  With the lessons panel visible, the problem stops. 


        Note to Adobe - looks like it is still a bug, and happens when you open Edge animate, when the lessons panel is not available on the screen.