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    CSS class names cropped during export to EPUB




      When I try to export to EPUB the names of the CSS classes get changed from some reason, causing conflicts. For example:




      Both "Koteret_Helek" and "Koteret_Helek_Split" are changed to simply "K", so I get a conflict error message. The same things happens with other styles. Why does this happen?



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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee



          Your CSS style name is inherited by paragraph style by default. But if in paragraph style--> export tagging-->Class you specified any name that would be the one finally given to your CSS style.


          In your case this seems your paragraph style names are different but the name you have given to them in Class(in paragraph style-->Export tagging) is same "k". that is causing this conflict.


          refer to the screen shot.Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.24.13 PM.png


          Please see if this helps you.



          Monica Singh

          InDesign Team.