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    Suggestion: adding option to disable page-turning by touch



      This is my first post on the forum and I apologize if this isn't the right place to post such a suggestion. It regards the Adobe Acrobat DC app for mobiles and tablets (possibly the Android version of the app only).


      My suggestion: Add an option to disable page-turning by touch on the side of the screen and let the page-turning in that case be done just by swiping or add arrows (back and forward) that would be pressed for turning a page.


      The reason for this suggestion is: When reading a file it happens quite often to me that usually while scrolling or zooming a page I accidentally flip the page by touching the side of the screen. I'm forced then, many times during the reading session, to turn the page back and find the place where I left off reading. I find this unnecessarily annoying and heard other people complaining about this.


      Thanks for any replies and/or considerations of this problem.