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    Where have my snapshots gone?

    alexandram55388850 Level 1

      I was editing a RAW file and saved multiple snapshots as a step by step reminder of significant changes to the image. Today, I switched my laptop on, opened up Lightroom, and then had to update the location of the folder containing the RAW file in question, as after I'd closed the program last night I moved them to a different location and renamed them using Bridge. Today though, the snapshots were no longer there. The RAW file was, as was the export of yesterday's final edit (which after sleeping on it, I was wanting to go back to the snapshot before the one I exported). The menu is still there, I can create snapshots, that all appears to be fine.


      Wondering what I've done wrong that would mean my snapshots have vanished? Rather inconveniencing.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Why move the files and rename using Bridge? That's the root cause of the problems.


          If you update the folder location, but you don't update the file names (because of the renaming) in Lightroom, then Lightroom doesn't know about this, and so it loses your snapshots and every other piece of work you did on these photos.