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    CC2014 Makes My Computer Unstable

    RickGroff Level 1

      I've been using InDesign since ver. 1 (PRE-CS) and never had any major problems until CC came along. On days when I don't HAVE to use CC 2014, I have a very enjoyable time using CS6, but as soon as I get a CC file to work on and fire up ID CC 2014, my computer starts behaving strangely. It's not apparent at first, but as the day goes on everything slows to a crawl and other applications freeze intermittently. The problems continue until I reboot. CC 2014 often takes as much as 10 minutes just to shut down. When I restart, all is well until I'm forced to start up CC 2014 again.


      CC 2014 has a number of UI bugs that drive me crazy: Dialog boxes sometimes appear incomplete with the bottom cut off (including places where I need to type or click a box). Or they appear and I type a number (as in the "Jump to Page" box), but nothing happens; I have to grab the mouse, click in the dialog box where I should already be able to enter a number, and THEN type the number.


      The amount of time I spend waiting for the spinning beach ball to stop for no apparent reason is costing me money. I'm no computer novice. I've built a number of them from scratch and am good at troubleshooting. I've tried everything from repairing permissions to reinstalling, but the problems continue--BUT ONLY WHEN I'M RUNNING CC 2014. If I never have to start it up in a day, it's a day without problems.


      Is there another update in the works?


      (I'm using Mac OS 10.7.5 at work and the latest version of Yosemite at home and I'm experiencing the same problems on both computers.)

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I wonder if this might be traceable to some other software that is also running and has some sort of conflict or incompatibility with ID 10. Any third party plugins installed in ID? Does it do the same thing if you run from a different user account, or if you start the Mac with the Shift key down?

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            RickGroff Level 1

            I've tried all those things and am at a loss. The thing that's strange is that this happens on two different computers, one here at work and one at home. This one's a 2008 iMac running Lion and the other is a Mac mini running Yosemite! On both computers, everything's normal UNTIL I launch CC or CC 2014. Then the fun begins!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Because it happens on two different systems (and it isn't widely reported by other users), I suspect some common configuration between the two, like an incompatible font manager or a background utility you have running. Could even be a browser plugin -- lots of Chrome plugins seem to cause problems.

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                cckohler1 Level 1

                I am using Mac OSX 10.9.5 and CC2014, mostly InDesign and Photoshop, and I have all kinds of weird things happening across my whole system. InDesign freezes frequently, often when opening files. InDesign and Photoshop are incredibly slow to open and even slower when attempting random tasks like pulling down the font window, placing a graphic, saving, etc., but the issues are inconsistent so you can't really trace them. When you get tired of waiting for the spinning beach ball and switch to something else (Firefox or another CC app or pretty much any other program), you might still get windows/menus from InDesign appearing on top of whatever window you have active. Sometimes it causes everything to freeze up so that you can't click on any windows, including the topmost one. I have a lot of issues with navigating/switching from one open window to another whenever InDesign is open. Menus stack on top of each other in InDesign so that you can't get to them unless you click them on and back off. There are just a lot of little nitpicky things that are really reminiscent of 15-20 years ago when we had patience for this kind of stuff. Taken together, they really do slow things down to a point that is incredibly frustrating. My older Mac with CS5 is dramatically faster in terms of productivity, but I am not in the mood to try to reopen my new files and save as idmls so I can go backwards.

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                  RickGroff Level 1

                  Well, like I said, I've been using InDesign since the very first version on many different Macs and I never had any major (or minor, really) problems until CC came out. There are numerous UI inconsistencies to begin with: Dialogue boxes that I can bring and up instantly start typing in when using CS6 and below often require me to click into them with the mouse first and THEN use the keyboard. Some dialogue boxes come up with part of the bottom chopped off. But not always. I have all other versions of InDesign and Photoshop on all my systems and if I spend half the day working in CS6 all is well. As soon as I launch CC or CC 2014 things start to get weird.


                  Today I was working on a huge book with hundreds of pieces of art. After placing one of the photos the indicator at the bottom saying "Reading 200_Photo.jpg" just kept repeating and repeating. I waited a while but couldn't do anything and had to force quit InDesign. I fired up CS6 and placed the photo there with no problem.

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                    RickGroff Level 1

                    Well, thanks for the advice, but I don't use a font manager, have no background utilities running, and don't even have Chrome on either of the computers I'm having problems with. This is very strange.

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                      RickGroff Level 1

                      So this morning the first job I had to work on was in CS6. While I was doing that, I occasionally went out and launched other applications to see how they were functioning and everything was normal. Switching between apps was instantaneous and nothing untoward happened for two and half hours. Then I got a correcting job that was CC2014. Halfway through I had to go back to CS6 for a quick correction on the first job and it took at least 20 seconds for CS6 to fully appear. I then tried launching Safari. That took nearly a minute. When I switched back to CC2014 even THAT took a good 30 seconds to fully appear. After the CC2014 job, I quit it but after three minutes it still hadn't shut down and had to force quit. The computer was still bogged down, however. After a restart, and using CS6, no problems. I'm CERTAIN that this is a CC problem, and I'm able to reproduce it on my home office computer, which is running a different version of Mac OS X.