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    Lightroom 6 not handing off to Photoshop CS6 any longer.

    johnh32420891 Level 1

      I can no longer hand off images from Lightroom 6 to Photoshop CS6.  It comes up with an error stating “the file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CS 6 could not be launched.  It actually does launch but the image won’t come over till I click OK on the LR error and then it launches.


      Also now in Photoshop CS6 standalone I cannot enter bridge or do many other functions as the error that keeps coming up states “Could not complete the browse in bridge command because Photoshop could not find the JavaScript Plugin”.  I verified having the latest Java update.


      I assigned CS5 as the “additional external editor” and that works fine with a handoff in LR.

      Okay, here is the solution.  I had On One 9.5  premium installed on my system.  A survey of several sites indicated that was the culprit.  I uninstalled the On One software and my problems went away.  I reinstalled On One Premium and all problems returned.


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