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    both sides

    mindapolis Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to InDesign.  How do I make a one page document that will have information on both sides?           

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just set it up as a two-page document.

          If your office printer can duplex, you can print it double-sided in one operation. If not, you will have to print one side, then feed it back through the printer to do the other side.

          If you are sending it out to be printed, just send a two-page press- quality PDF.

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            Bill Nyhoff

            In order to have a single page document with two sides you need to start with a two page document. When you print it you will print it as two sided.

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              mindapolis Level 1

              ok thanks but I'm not understanding how to print a two sided document. 

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Susan in post number 1 gave you a very succinct, correct answer.


                Are you printing it yourself? If so, your printer will either have a duplex option or it will not (most inexpensive printers do not).


                If not, print page 1 on to your paper. Place the printed page so the back side of that sheet will be printed. How to do this requires either consulting your desktop printer manual or experimenting, depending on how your printer feeds paper.


                If someone else is printing it, they will take care of it.