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    a project-file will not import video files / others will!

    foj Level 1

      This is driving me mad, a project I am working on will not import video files to the library!


      Making a new project exactly the same mp4, ogv and webm files will load fine, and display and play as expected on the timeline.


      In the project where these files are needed they appear (grey) in the library-video, under their group heading, but then immediately vanish!


      What is going on! Any advice will be much appreciated.





      ---> Just had the genius idea of copying and pasting from the 'new' document - from the stage, no idea how library items are exported?

      It half works, works fine while the suspect document is open, item are in library, video plays on time line - BUT THEN, close and reopen Edge Anim, the image has turned black, audio still works - does work in IE 11

      ---> Help!


      Also just tried importing the files again with new names, now there are some videos in the library - this is still not working.


      ---> Moving the source images out of the project folder has sorted the import issue - I did not know you could not keep them there?



      The video still turns black on the timeline after saving, audio is fine. It all shows fine however in IE11 and Chrome,BUT only the stage appears in Firefox (Win7 64bit)?