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    LR Catalog Won't Unzip


      I opened Lightroom today and found that the catalog I'd been using had essentially disappeared. I went into my backup folder to try and retrieve the correct catalog but ever since I upgraded to the new version of LR I've not been able to unzip those files. Because of that I'm not able to access the catalog I need! I backup all the time so I know the zipped catalog is the most up-to-date and it's frustrating that I can't access it. (I've read articles and such about how zipping them saves space, yada yada yada--but all the zipped catalogs are doing right now are proving to be a pain in the butt! haha)

      I've browsed around the community to see if I could find an answer before asking but I haven't come across anything that 1. made sense or 2. addressed this specific issue.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!