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      Okay quick question about reverb under the audio effects settings. I like how Adobe Premiere 10 gives you lots of options to set the "type" of reverb (small room, medium room, large room etc.) but I do not see an easy way to reduce the amount of reverb.  What makes it especially  tricky is there are several buttons in the settings so I'm not sure which combination of buttons would be used to reduce the overall effect.  On an audio effect like bass,  it is just one lever to turn up and down.  So the reverb area seems a bit intimidating.

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          Once you set the Reverb preset that you wanted, did you find the Custom Setup and Individual Parameters settings



          Did you check out the description of the Reverb settings found in the Adobe document on Effects Reference

          Copy/Paste of the information below



          Looks like you would need to explore and experiment with those settings to edit the Reverb under Edit Effects/Reverb Panel expanded.

          But "Mix" described as "Control the amount of reverb" sounds inviting.


          Rather than going into the Reverb settings, does going to another preset help matters any?


          Another review and consider.



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            Okay I decided upon a new strategy.  I exported the audio as a .wav file out of adobe and imported into Audacity to add reverb.  Although their gverb feature is just as intricate, there  are lots of tutorials online that dhows settings that already were tested.  With reverb , you really have to know what you are doing to undertsnaf the relationship with all the parameters.  I feel like less is more and it should not be obvious you are using reverb unless you compare it directly against the dry track. In my opinion, all the audacity pre-sets just come on too strong.


            Here is a youtube video I found really helpful:


            How to add reverb in audacity - YouTube

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              Thanks for the update. Glad you found reverb that works for you.


              Best wishes