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    Problem when Exporting from Lightroom CC

    Dan Castiglia

      Hello all,


      I am experiencing a strange problem when exporting photos from Lightroom CC. I have a whole series of photos which I develop (NEF files from Nikon D300), often absolutely identically (copy/paste settings or paste settings from previous). When I export them then as JPG, mostly into a subfolder with a filename addendum (e.g. _m) I get an Error Message saying "cannot open file" or the like... Out of a series of, let's say +-60 images, 12 may be missing then. If I repeat then the export with the missing files, sometimes Lightroom add a few more, sometimes not.


      I really no clue if I make an error or if this is a bug of the CC version (I do use Lightroom since Version 2 and untill now, I have never seen this... (last version was 5.7.1)


      Any help would be welcome.


      Thank you very much in advance,

      Dan Castiglia, Luxembourg