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    Has anyone ever bought off ebay …transfer of license?

    Matt Mayo

      Just curious if anyone else has dealt with it?

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          That depends on what you're buying and the situation behind it.


          I've bought a few previously owned products and transferred the licenses to my account – businesses closing down or scaling down, for example. I've also bought a business and transferred all of the licenses to the buying account. The TOL form is there for a reason, remember.


          However, all of my dealings with Adobe Customer Support I would say the process is not worth the excruciating level of ineptitude. This company has dropped several levels of competence as the years have rolled on.

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            If you use a lot of caution, it's possible. In general I would say look for high-feedback sellers who also mention they understand what the license transfer process is and are ready to do so.


            I agree the Adobe technical support can be excruciating. Recently I succeeded on one license transfer but for another the initial case was closed while waiting on Adobe's response because supposedly there was no response from me, and when I opened a new case to inquire or restart the recipient transfer, I went through two people who said it was not possible and the third they referred me to came on chat and a couple of minutes later the chant just ended, presumably due to a technical error on Adobe's end. The case-support site started generating 413 errors around the same time. (In case you think they "hung up" on a chat window, although my frustration level was quite high,I was completely polite the whole time.) They need some serious work on the system. It should be far easier and far quicker, but now that Abode is the 800-pound gorilla, I don't know what to expect.

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              Matt Mayo Level 1

              Thank you all for your info. I am helping our company resell these because we bought out a printer with several copies. We purchased legitimatly through the auction, but now i am trying to get a TOL and am not experienced enough to know what the next step is since they are out of business...is it too late to obtain the licence? What would you do? And lastly what happens to them in the end...thry just fade away? A

              not sure this is a winable situation? Any help is appreciated!