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    Best format for exporting interactive documents

    dig_dig_dig Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm wondering what the best format is for exporting and distributing a heavily interactive document. 


      The client that I am working with prefers a .pdf but I find that the .pdf format suffers in terms of functionality and reliability of the user interactions.


      For instance, buttons that are visible in the document tend to disappear, reappear, and generally flash as the curser is moved around the page.  A bigger problem is that sometimes the user will accidentally highlight part of the document by clicking and dragging slightly which removes all interactivity until the highlighted area is deselected, often times the highlight is not apparent on the screen.  A third problem is that the document occasional zooms as the user clicks buttons. 


      I would love to convert a flash document to exe but have found that Mac computers can't open the file.  I suppose it is a moot point considering the client won't let an exe near their system.


      Flash embedded HTML might work as long as we can come up with a reasonably secure system for hosting the document.  The only downside is that I can't figure out how to make the flash window rezise dynamically based off of browser dimensions.  When I view on a small screen only a portion of the document is visible, on a large screen there is a good amount of white space surrounding the window.


      Does anyone have a suggestion for exporting and delivering a universally accessible and reliable interactive file?