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    Flash Video Buffer Detect

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      I'm making standalone flash cd presentation In Flash 8 which includes Flash
      video. Flash video is displayed with Media - Player 6 - 7 component
      "Display" called "myDisplay". I've made buttons on stage which when pressed
      make Flash video to go to a specific time (frame) using the:
      _root.myDisplay.play(X); where X is number.

      This method activated from cd (or form hard drive) is painfully SLOW if the
      jump time is closer to the end of the Flash video because the flash is
      buffering all the frames prior to the frame which is jumped to: so if i go
      to the end of the movie, flash buffers all previous fames!

      How can i display (or retrieve) information from the myDisplay if the Flash
      Video is in buffer mode? Has it something to do with "scrubbing" or
      "playheadChange" actions?