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    not possible to open books on ebook reader


      Hi all
      in the past I was able to open my ebooks on my Laptop (Windows) and my ebook reader (Sony PRS-T1). I deleted all the books from my ebook reader and made an update two days ago. Now it is not possible to open any of my bought ebooks on my ebook reader. It is possible to open them on my laptop via my adobe ID in ADE, though. So I can copy the books into my ebook reader (in the ADE window on the left) but then I get a fault message when I want to open one of the books. Not possibe because of DRM. Has anyone any idea how to solve this? I already authorised my laptop successfully with ADE but in my program "Reader for PC" from sony it says that the computer is not authorised.

      Anyone an idea?


      Thanks in advance!