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    classpath in Flex Builder

      I'm currently using Flex Builder mainly as an ActionScript (3) editor
      and basically, I'm pretty happy with it. but, there's one issue I couldn't find a solution for, not even after days of googling - global-level classpath.
      Before ActionScript 3 has come along, I used to develop flash applications in the Flash IDE and in the open source ActionScript editor, FlashDevelop.
      In both of them, you had the option to define a project/document-level classpath and a global-level classpath.
      while the project-level classpath refers to classes you only want to use in your current project and the global-level classpath refers to classes you want to use in all of your projects.

      In Flex Builder, I could only find something similar to the project-level classpath- the source path, but not the global-level classpath.

      Is there something like global classpath in Flex Builder
      or I'll have to continue defining the classpath for each project?