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    PDF exported from InDesign CS6 creates text box

    worldofjeff Level 1

      I'm having a very strange problem that I've never seen before. I tried searching but couldn't find anything similar. Here's the issue: I created a document in InDesign CS6. On the first page, I've got a Table of Contents and clicking on the text of the different sections hyperlinks to the corresponding pages in the document. However, when I export the document as a PDF (Print) and open it in either Acrobat or Apple Preview, and I click on the hyperlinks, on the target page a text box with the word "Text" is created. I tried changing PDF Export settings; I tried exporting it using InDesign CC (v9.2.1); nothing seems to fix the problem. A few other notes -- it doesn't create the text box 100% of the time, and it happens on certain pages more frequently than others (one page doesn't seem to ever create a text box). When I first open the PDF and click on a link, I get the spinning beach ball for a few seconds before it jumps to the linked page, which makes me think it's creating the text box in the PDF reader rather than having been created in InDesign.


      Another strange thing is that I forwarded the PDF to two co-workers who are running Yosemite (I'm still running Mavericks), and the text boxes didn't appear. I realize upgrading to Yosemite might be a solution, however I'm concerned that if this document is distributed on our website, some customers are going to have these random text boxes appear.


      I'm running Mac OS X 10.9.5, the document was created in InDesign CS6 (v8.0.2). I've attached a screenshot to show the text box in Acrobat. Has this happened to anyone else?