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    Why do I keep getting 'where is the file' errors?


      Almost everytime I start edited a new project and then close that project and try to come back to it later premiere elements will not let me open that file. If I try to open in within a couple of days of my last editing session the file seems to open but if it's been a week or longer I get the 'where is this file?' error and then when I try to open it again is says 'file import failure'. I have not moved any of the video files since I started editing so I don't know why this is happening.


      Here is a pic of the error:

      whereis the file error.png

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using a USB hard drive?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            From what you have posted, I suspect that you are not using the "Where is the File....?" message correctly. The message is asking for file specifically named

            00027(2).mov. And, you have appeared to have answered the Where is with the wrong file. And, worse case, a .prel file. You cannot import a project file (.prel) into another. That is cause for File Import Failure.


            That brings us to the basic question of why are you getting the "Where is the File....?" message in the first place?

            Do you know exactly where the 00027(2).mov file is? Can you find it on the hard drive and actually see it at its hard drive save location?


            Pointing to John's question...are the missing files saved on a USB external hard drive? Has the drive letter changed? Is the external hard drive malfunctioning in any other way?


            You say that you have not moved any files that went into the project after a project save close. But, is there any possibility that you renamed files and/or folders?


            Please consider starting by finding the 00027(2).mov. That may give us some clues as to what next.


            Thank you.