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    CFMX 2004 verity custom fields

      I've been tasked with knocking up a public search interface which is going to involve indexing around 2000 documents - word,pdf etc - which have all had Author, keyword, category, comment etc metadata inserted.

      I have been able to alter the style files in the collection so that I can get this metadata into the 000001.ddd file (I can see it when I open this file in notepad), but have been unable to actually access the fields using cfsearch.

      The fields I need are basically author, create date and some of the meta data - all of which I can get into the .ddd file when I index the documents.

      I understand that this is likely to involve modifying the style.ufl (I think) file to define these fields but everything I've tried has thus far failed (and I've tried a lot).

      Firstly, am I flogging a dead horse or should this be possible?
      Secondly, does anyone know of any place that might have some explanation as to the syntax of these files and the kind of thing I need to do to expose this data to my CFsearch?

      I'm not running verity K2 because the box this will run on won't be either...

      Thanks for any help.
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          I have asked ADOBE support for Verity documentation regarding the style files. They had no idea what I was talking about. I then called www.Autonomy.com a UK based company that purchased Verity which sold the verity tool to Macromedia OEM. Unless you purchased Verity from them not Macromedia they will not give you access to the documentation. Autonomy suggested opening a case file with macromedia, which is where I purcased my verity from. Macromedia coldfusion support costs $499 per case. A heafty price for documention Macromedia should supply regardless. And based on my hours and hours of searching Adobe/Macromedia docs, I believe they don't have what we need.

          My issue was to index the Subject property of a PDF and use it as the Summary since the default Summary created by Verity was not very descriptive. The person I spoke with at Autonomy said the styles needing adjustment were .UFL and .UNI but would not elaborate further unless I paid the $$$$.