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    Play nice

    Duckyofdoom.com Level 1

      I'm mostly having issues with SWF files that refuse to talk to each other.

      It's almost as if SWF files were inherently designed not to talk to each other. Or anything else. It's insane.

      I can get one file to send data using the GET command. But I can't get the other to retrieve it.

      I can get both files to access the same XML file, but the file that needs to send the message refuses to save it permanently.

      And nether file seems to want to talk to txt, or cmf, or html.

      Now maybe I misunderstood the security protocols, but the two files are in the same domain, and onto of that I have set acceptDomain to "*" to make sure the domain is allowed.

      The files I'm using are specifically in the same folder.

      Basically I have used java script to call a new window, without all that extra browser stuff. If there is a way to do this in flash, I couldn't find it.

      Now I have two files in two separate html docs. I just need to pass on a url that leads to a common file they'll both be sharing. And another variable that needs to be set.

      If it's not a security issue, I can't think of why these files can't send and retrieve information to a common file. So I'm at a roadblock.

      communication between two independent swf files