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    Is it normal for a backup of a LR CC 2015 catalog to reduce substantially in file size?


      I just noticed my LR CC 2015 backup has gone down substantially in size - from 2.68GB on 22 April before upgrade from LR 5.7, now down to 432MB on 6 May. Is this normal? The Master Catalog on my C Drive (37.3 GB) seems to find any image file I ask for instantly, going back as far as 2007. So I think my master catalog is fine after it's automatic upgrade. Is the reduction in the size of the backup because it can see my pre-LR CC 2015 backup (done under LR 5.7) in the same backup location, and only backs up the new stuff since 22 April? A sort of differential backup perhaps? I normally delete old backups and just keep the last couple - I am reluctant to delete one of 2.68GB and rely on a much smaller one. Any thoughts on this please?