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    How do I change the path to my lightroom catalog?


      I had to wipe my Macbook Pro laptop completely clean and start over--and I could NOT use Time Machine (something about some corrupted code somewhere). So fine, I backed everything up, and moved my files over, and have been in the process of re-installing key software, such as LR5. The problem is that my username on my "updated" laptop is different by ONE letter, thus when I started Lightroom and directed it to my catalog, it came up empty because the backup file has a different path than my current set up ("/Users/davidalden/Pictures/Lightroom/Backups/2015-05-03" as opposed to "/Users/davidmalden/Pictures/Lightroom/Backups/2015-05-03")... it appears that trying to change the User file on the Mac would require a factory re-install again, so I'm wondering if there is some *easy* way to amend the path for my LR catalog...


      LR 5.7.1

      Mac OSX Yosemite