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    Beta 3 Tree Problem


      I developed a test application using Flex Builder 2.0 Beta 2, connecting to .NET web services. It was all working well on my website, until the Flex team went and made it obsolete with the next beta :-) Its all working again now, with one exception. I have a data update form, which allows you to change the names of nodes in a tree. Now, I know the selectedNode property of the tree has been changed to selectedItem, and I made this change in my code. But while this used to work, and update the tree node label:


      the equivalent following code no longer has any effect on the tree:


      If anyone wants to check out the demo app, follow the link on my website:


      (It takes a while for the first data call to work if the application hasn't been used for a while, something to do with the .NET web service needing to be reloaded I think).

      I will be at CeBit Australia tomorrow and hope to catch up with the Adobe people about this technology. It certainly looks exciting, especially if and when a compatible Flash Player 9 is released for mobile platforms such as Pockt PC.

      Cheers, Tim