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    I keep getting a error for After Effects!

    Gaming Wizard

      Hey, okay so I downloaded Creative Cloud the other day and I saw After Effects and from what I hear its good for intros so I downloaded it and then opened it but then I get a ERROR this is what it said "after effects error: crash occured while invoking plug-in "AEDynamicLinkServer"." then it says "After Effects error: Crash in progress Last logged message was: <24728> <DynamicLink><%> C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2014\support Files\32\dynamiclinkmanager.exe" and I tried uninstalling it multiple times and uninstalling Creative Cloud and installed it again please help :O

      Oh and almost forgot it wont open the program either.....   Gyazo - de0d5758c940723858a1c75817bd6f54.png