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    Adonit Touch stylus does not always register strokes

    gec78 Level 2

      I'm having an issue using the Adonit Touch Pixelpoint stylus with Sketch. It's set up correctly, but palm rejection is off (I've found the palm rejection to be pretty terrible). I have the opacity set very light in pencil mode. Often when I try to draw over existing lines, the pen doesn't seem to register the stroke. But, if I swipe undo and redo, the stroke appears. This never seems to happen if I am not drawing over existing lines.


      As I start the stroke, it appears briefly then quickly vanishes. Then as I draw, nothing shows for as long as the stroke lasts. I then swipe left to undo (and nothing appears happen), and then right to redo, and the stroke appears. It's hard to explain and the images below don't really show the issue well, but the black went down first then the red. The first image shows the result after I stop drawing with the red (you can see the colour is set to red) I then swipe to undo, swipe to redo, and the red appears as shown in the second image. This is making it very hard to use the two products together especially if I don't undo the 'invisible' lines, as they get fed into the undo/redo function anyway, so I sometimes when I am undoing I have random scribbling appear. I'm hoping Adobe doesn't simply blame Adonit, as this actually feels like a software glitch and I haven't had it with other apps (including Draw)


      IMG_0929.PNG IMG_0930.PNG