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    Print module file naming, or lack thereof ?

    George in Seattle Level 1

      Why does the print module not assume the file name when "printing to JPEG file"?  If this is "as designed" then it's a rather annoying flaw when you have to export a project of for example: 30 8x10 prints some with additional borders ( aka, whitespace, extra canvas, etc.  something regular export cant do, which will be the subject of the next question I post).


      I will have to "show in explorer"/copy/then paste each file name into each respective file to be saved.  This is tedious and prone to human error. 

      Or am I not using it correctly?

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          The purpose of Print to JPEG is getting output to send to labs. The fact that we all use it to create layouts is a secondary benefit.

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            George in Seattle Level 1

            I found a workaround to the above problem, which works so long as the target directory is not too cluttered.  I just use the export function to generate all the needed file names beforehand. This is usually best done to a temporary scratch directory.  Then as I print each one to file, use the existing file's appearance in the print-to-file output dialog to name the file without having to retype it. Simply double clicking the existing file will assume the name and ask if you want to replace. I answer "yes" to replace. Each file still has to be done one-by-one, and you have to keep the names straight, but at least I never have to retype the name.