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    Using two Macs with out corrupting the libraries?


      I have used LR5 in the past but only for post processing, after i processed the images I exported them to a folder in finder.  I just purchased CC but have not installed it yet. Here is what I'm trying to do: I have a Macbook that I like to download to from my camera and process the images.  When I'm done I would like to export them to my Apple G5 as the hard drive on the Macbook is too small to house all my images. I would like to keep a copy of smart thumbnails so I can see my images and process them if necessary.  How can I process images on both computers with out corrupting the library.  My plan is to start by getting all my images in one location on my G5 setting up CC and importing them into CC. But i'm not sure where to go from there and how to get newly added images from my Macbook into my main library. Addationally I would like to get any images added on my G5 to appear in the smart thumb nails on my mac book.