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    how to print exact sizes in L6

    terry1121 Level 1

      My printed image is smaller than I choose in the print module Layout. Three times now after changing around the margins. If the margins are smaller than the print space (.12" border on a 19" piece of paper with an image only 18" wide) why would having those border sizes matter at all? I'm not printing borderless. 


      I crop my image to 2 x 1 aspect ratio. I want to print a 9 x 18 image. I printed it three times now and print sizes are all smaller. The last one I printed was 17.5" wide using 0" margins. I need exact sizes for the way I mat my prints.


      Page Setup...13" x 19" custom paper size. A3+ isn't 13 x 19 but my paper is. 

      Print Settings...my printer is a Canon Pro9000 Mark II

      Layout...9" x 18" Whether or not I have Margins at R 0.12, L 0.12, T 0.13 B 0.13 (seems to be a default) or all zeros, the print does not come out at 9 x 18 but something smaller.


      Print Resolution is set to 300ppi but I notice that actual resolution for this particular image is 288ppi. I don't know why this would matter since LR should upsample to get the chosen cell size. Still, could this be an issue? I've printed this 3 times and getting a little tired of wasting ink so I come to you for help in a most exasperating issue.


      Thanks for listening!






      Canon Pro9000 Mark II

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Check that you don't have scaling on anywhere in the print driver. I'm not familiar with Canon printers, or I'd have something more specific for you. I know Epson scale in the driver.

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            terry1121 Level 1

            Thanks, seanmcfoto. But I don't know how to check that. I looked at System Preference > Printers & Scanners and none of what I find indicates anything but ink supply levels, utilities, and the print queue. Any thoughts on how to check for scaling?



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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Terry, it's in the printer driver as you're running a print, rather than in the System Preferences.

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                terry1121 Level 1

                In Lightroom Page Setup the Scale is 100%. I tested another print using borderless settings with 0" margins. It printed 18 3/16" x 9 1/8" so now it's bigger. I did print it at 288ppi. The sad part is, I did another print a few months ago and it's exactly 9 x 18 but I don't how I did it. It shouldn't be this non-intuitive. It's been a continuing issue for me since LR1 and with other printers I've had. The print module seems very hard to work with. It's a guessing game. I wish I knew the magic formula. Should have written every setting down. I just wish it printed what it says it's going to print. Thanks for your help.



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                  SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

                  The only sizing issue I've ever had is with scaling being on. Lightroom creates the layout exactly as specified and then hands it off to the print driver. All the margins etc are based on what the print driver tells Lightroom. It's the print driver that dictates what goes to the page.

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                    Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                    Click Printer... in the lower right corner of the screen in Lightroom.

                    This will give you access to the printer driver.

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                      pepiniere Level 1

                      Hi, I am having a similar problem in LR5.  I only print occasionally but last time I set up presets that worked perfectly and now my prints don't fill the page and appear as on screen in Lightroom.  After reading this page I think you are right and the problem must be in a setting in the printer driver unless the presets I made have been altered by the updates to Lightroom.

                      I use an Epson R2880 and the printer driver settings I find are very confusing. 

                      I wondered if anybody else out there experienced the same thing on LR5 and an Epson R2880.  If they have I would appreciate advice on how to fix it.

                      Tomorrow i  will get some ordinary A3 paper and try using that as photo paper and ink is just too expensive for experimenting.