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    Can't find video

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      I am forced to work across a couple of LANs and on different machines. When I move my applications the exe sometimes won't find the video. It displays a message 'cannot find file*' when the program reaches a .dir which contains video. It opens the message and a box showing the correct folder which contains the video. The only way I can fix this is by reimporting the videos and reprojecting. This is a pain in the arse so I'm looking for a better solution.
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          The reason this is happening is because director store the path to external moves as abosolutes ie C:\Documents and Settings\Davids\Desktop\TV\scrubs\Scrubs.5x17.My_Chopped_Liver.PDTV_XviD-FoV.avi" so when you move to another pc if that directory location has changed it wont work.

          now for the solution.

          if you where to make a little script that you ran say in the first frame of the movie to update those paths every time you ran the program you would have no prob.

          I will assume you have the movies in a folder called moves inside the folder your main director movie is in.

          on exitframe me

          member(7).filename = the moviepath & "mymovie.avi"
          member(8).filename = the moviepath & "myothermovie.avi"

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            you must Set the video file path at startmove event for example:

            on startmovie me
            member(Video member Name/Number).filename = "\\ComputerName\VideoName.avi"
            the other way is use of this statement on Preparemovie event:
            _player.searchPathList = ["C:\Director\Projects\", "D:\CDROM\Sources\"]
            "From Director Help":
            list of paths that Director searches when trying to find linked media such as digital video, GIFs, bitmaps, or sound files.

            but the better way is you move Video file with Director projrct!!