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    accessing a web service with complex types

      Hi I have been struggling with this web service for a while now....

      I am trying to send input parameters that are composed by : applicant name( name, surname, .....) and applicant input address( hse no, street, postcode...) Applicant dob(dob)....I am using <cfscript> tag to pass these parameters...Now my problem is do i need to put each complex type inside its own <cfscript> tag???

      stName = structNew();
      stName.Title = "#Mr#";
      stName.forename = "Man";
      stName.othernames = " NA";
      stName.Applicant = "Yellow";
      stName.dob = createDate(1972,06,05);

      and do this for applicant address? or could i enclose this in under the same cfscript tag??

      Any help would be appreciated...thanks