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    CSS classes not global ??

    g.bollmann Level 1

      I have code in a menu symbol which controls classes.

      I have classes applied to other symbols, which should react together. Ex:




      This should cause 4 symbols with the respective class to play at the same time, right?

      Instead, either only 1 symbol plays, or they play in sequence when the button is clicked.

      Thanks for your advice.

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          owen_bayley Level 1

          hey g.bollmann,


          I have personally found that to use a class  in the way you are describing you need to make a function for the class then call this function: e.g in creation competed


          sym.playIndef = function() {




          then just call this when you want a all symbols with the class indefl to play:




          I would personal recommend the first way I described as I find you have control over the project


          hope this helped

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            g.bollmann Level 1

            Thanks Owen,

            I've been jumping through every hoop but no luck.


            Perhaps I am not creating the function correctly or maybe a class cannot access the timeline.

            Any other ideas? If so ... much appreciated!


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              owen_bayley Level 1

              hey g.bollmann,


              how are you using it?


              can I see examples of what you have done/ how you are using it? how your projects is set out? as you may have conflicting code or something.


              I would recommend you play the symbols manually if it does not work with a function: e.g




              you will need to have this code for every symbol you wan to start the animation in. I would further recommend putting this in a click.


              hope this helped