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    Indesign CS6 won't reopen


      I recently uninstalled indesign CS6 following an unexpected error. Indesign shut down and I couldn't reopen it hence why I uninstalled the program. I have reinstalled indesign yet it still won't reopen due to it shutting unexpectedly?

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          Daniel Sterchi Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there


          Did you try to delete als the preference files? If not, you could give this a try. I solved problems like you described this way.


          Double click the InDesign Icon in the programfolder while holding down CMD+OPTION+CRTL+SHIFT then you will be asked if you wish to delete the preference files.


          Before you do so I would advice you to backup the directory:


          ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version [your version].


          since you have your shortcuts, your menu set, your grep searches, … in there. You can copy those important directories back after your started InDesign and the directory structure was newly build.


          (This is for the Mac)


          kind regards


          Daniel (from Switzerland)

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Do you get any error messages? Does ID start to launch?


            I suspect the problem could be corrupt recovery data from a crash before the reinstall. Make sure the InDesign Recovery folder is empty.