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    Reusing a PowerPoint 2010 slide show recording in Adobe Presenter

      I'm using Adobe Presenter 10.
      I want to prepare an e-learning video and save it in the PDF format so that it can be viewed in Adobe Reader and its viewers have the sidebar (slide outline, presenter image and info) and other controls available for easier playback and quick browsing to their points of interest.
      Is there a way to import a PowerPoint 2010 slide show recording (including laser pointer gestures and narration) into Adobe Presenter? I'm relatively new to Presenter, so please do not mind such a basic question.
      As far as I know, while you can record audio for each slide using the Adobe Presenter add-in for PowerPoint, you cannot record laser pointer gestures. Of course you can record a video with Presenter, but there you have the mouse pointer visible all the time if you are using the laser pointer feature of PowerPoint - and this is what I want to avoid. When recording a slide show in PowerPoint, you have the mouse arrow visible while recording, but it is not embedded into the recording itself, only the laser pointer spot is - and this is I believe correct behavior for most use cases.