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    Can Adobe please include a hardware compatibility check before upgrades are installed.


      This is not a question, but a suggestion that Adobe should include a hardware check before installing upgrades.

      My recent experience was that after upgrading to LR6 via CC, Lightroom disabled my graphics card. Even though it worked fine for LR5, it was suddently unsupported in LR6 - something I only discovered after my catalogs had been upgraded and I was wondering about the slowness of Lightroom 6.

      Although the GPU is only used in the develop module it would be really helpful if customers could know before upgrading if their hardware is supported or not.

      As I am a heavy user of Lightroom, every performance boost is helpful, and I had to upgrade my graphics card to re-enable the GPU in Lightroom.

      If I had known I would have delayed the Lightroom CC upgrade to a time more suitable for my budget.