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    QuickTest Professional (QTP) 11 with Flex Addin 4.5 no longer returns a value for Abs_x property when using GetROProperty. Worked correctly with QTP 10.0 & Flex Addin 4.0


      QuickTest Professional(QTP) 11 with Flex Addin 4.5 is returning an empty value when using GetROProperty to retrieve the Absolute value of a Flexbutton object, and other Flex objects, such as FlexApplication.

      This works fine when using QTP 10.0 and Flex Addin 4.0

      Code is: -

      Set l_objMercury = CreateObject("Mercury.DeviceReplay")

      l_intAbsx = Browser("App").FlexApplication("StoreApp").FlexCanvas("mainScreen").FlexCanvas("Dashboard ").FlexBox("back_24").FlexButton("Source Data").GetROProperty("abs_x")

      l_intAbsy = Browser("App").FlexApplication("StoreApp").FlexCanvas("mainScreen").FlexCanvas("Dashboard ").FlexBox("back_24").FlexButton("Source Data").GetROProperty("abs_y")

      Call fActivateGivenBrowser(Browser("App"))

      l_objMercury.MouseDown l_intAbsx+10, l_intAbsy+10,0


      l_objMercury.MouseUp l_intAbsx+10, l_intAbsy+10,0


      We use abs_x and abs_y coordinates for mouse event such as drag and drop operations, double click event, mouse hover operations etc.


      We found similar issue logged earlier under below link whose status is unresolved:

      [FLEX-30478] QuickTest Professional (QTP) 11 with Flex Addin 4.5 no longer returns a value for width property when using…


      Please suggest if this is not a Flex Vs QTP automation challenge issue type.


      I found the similar issue discussed and unresolved in below links:

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