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    Specs for Field Laptop / Offline Editing?

    barker85 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am looking to buy a field laptop to check rushes (and would also like to do basic editing in Premiere to further ensure that the footage is okay/I have all I need before wrapping shoots and moving from locations). I'm shooting 4K R3D but can transcode to DNxHD or equivalent.


      I have already spent a fair deal on my primary editing system so my budget is quite limited.


      My options appear to be:


      Budget: Intel Atom Quad-Core Z3735F 1.33GHz / 2GB RAM / Integrated Graphics ($240*)


      Mid-range: i7 Dual Core 4510U 2.0GHz / 8GB RAM / NVIDIA 820M ($570)


      Upper range: i7 Quad Core ($1,200)


      *all prices converted from UK rates


      I am wondering what the capabilities of these systems will be? I need at the very least something that will play back transcoded HD files in Windows Media Player without lag. Going up from that, being able to edit sequences in Premiere would be very useful, and beyond that working directly with R3D files without having to transcode would be ideal, though I'm not sure if I can afford it. Ultimately I want to avoid spending a significant amount of budget on a laptop that is barely any different from a much cheaper model if this might be the case.


      FYI I had until recently been using an HP Elitebook 8560w laptop as my primary editing machine (which doubled as a field laptop) and could actually edit 4K R3D projects without major problems at 1/4 resolution.


      Any thoughts are greatly appreciated....

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Dual core with 8GB of ram wont be near enough for R3D. You really need atleast a quad mobile with HT or atleast a quad mobile chip. 16GB of ram is minimum. The 820M is really to low powered for this media as well. Remember transcoding 4K R3D to DNxHD will put a significant load on CPU, ram, and GPU. If you go with the above laptop then expect that work to take forever and the playback onlocation to be very limited.




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            JFPhoton Level 3

            ....check out todays sale at new egg for the lenovo y50 at only $899. Has great CPU and GPU. Only negative is memory capped at the included 16GB and that you must replace the supplied HDD with a fast SATA III SSD. I could not tell if it has one,or, two internall 2.5 inch drive bays....two would be best. Machine may run ok with a single, large 1 TB Crucial M550 SSD or Samsung 850 Pro,( which is more expensive).