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    Space game features


      I need help fixing a few things, but first here is the game that I am making: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9YSzYtOFp7Tfi1BMWN3OGJPTS1FZVpqOHFVOWxjZkRkck4yUU lRaS1KOEx4aDROa0tXVEE&usp=sharing



      The ship needs the collide feature so when it hits the other ships it explodes and the ship needs to not be able to go off the screen when moving it, I probably can figure this out but I would love for help on the speed of the ship when using the arrow keys, it goes to fast at the moment. These are the only things I need to fix on this, I however am adding the eplosion and the sound effects to the explosion so if you have any additions or advice for me just reply and I will reply to you with a thank you or a reason it worked or did not work. Thank you for the help goodbye!