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    Convert SVG Sequence to SVG Animation..??


      Hello All,


      My basic need is to convert a swf animation to a animated svg.

      To achieve this, I've tried using Flash2Svg extension for Flash and also a few other online tools, but in vain.


      After some googling, I converted the swf file into an fla file. Saved all the frames (46 frames in total) as individual fxg files and took them to Illustrator and converted them to 46 individual svg files.


      Now, I need help from you guys on this:

      How do I convert this svg sequence into a single svg animation..?? Which software shall serve this purpose and how can I do this in said software..?? Any suggestions please..??



      1. I have no idea of code. Nil. Nada.

      2. I do have Edge Animate installed. But I'm new to it.

      3. The animation is basic. Nothing complex.

      4. I also have a html file of the same animation. (If that can be of any use).


      I can provide you with all the files if you guys need to have a look at them.