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    commenting in a protected pdf does not work on iPad but on PC




      I'm trying to place comments in a pdf document wich is protected.

      Only extraction and change of composition are disabled.

      If I use my PC with Adobe Reader, everything works as expected.

      Only with Acrobat DC on my iPad, Annotations are not working.


      How can I change this behaviour?


      Thanks in advance



      P.S. iOS 8.3

      Adobe Acrobat DC 15.0.3

      Security Tab ob my pdf file (sorry, only in German) is attachedprotection.JPG

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris,


          When various document restrictions are applied to a PDF document, the PDF document will be encrypted/protected.


          Acrobat DC mobile products (for iOS and Android) have the known limitation where changes cannot be saved to encrypted PDF documents.  Therefore, users are not able to make any changes (e.g. adding comments/annotations or filling out forms) to encrypted PDF documents.

          As you already know, there is no such limitation in the desktop version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


          Sorry for the inconvenience.